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Weekly Health Update 11/23

Health Alert:
Sleep Apnea and Cognitive Impairment. Cognitive assessments completed by 218 individuals—roughly half with diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea—revealed an association between more severe sleep apnea symptoms and worse cognitive function.

Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine, October 2020

Sugar Consumption While Breastfeeding May Affect Cognitive Development of Child. New research that looked at data concerning 88 mother-child pairs revealed that a high maternal intake of sugary beverages during the first month of breastfeeding was associated with poorer cognitive development in her offspring at age two. Researcher Dr. Michael I. Goran writes, “Breastfeeding can have so many benefits… but we’re seeing that breast milk is influenced by what moms eat and drink even more than we realized.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2020

Early Sports Helps Girls Reduce ADHD Symptoms Later. A study that included nearly 1,500 children revealed that girls who consistently participated in organized sports were less likely to develop attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) symptoms than their peers. No such link was noted in boys.

Preventative Medicine, October 2020

Daily Musculoskeletal Pain Common Among Seniors. Questionnaires completed by 14,155 older men and women revealed that about half experience moderate-to-intense musculoskeletal pain on most days, often in the lower back, knees, and upper back. Nearly a third reported that their pain regularly interfered with their sleep, walking, and daily activities.

Journal of Aging and Health, September 2020

Mental Attitude:
Money Worries Increase Risk of Suicide Among Those with ADHD. According to a new study, adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to develop financial difficulties, which places them at an elevated risk for suicide. Study co-author Dr. Theodore Beauchine notes, “The impulsivity found in ADHD is predisposing to suicide. And if you have a lifetime of financial problems that can lead to a sense of hopelessness… Hopelessness combined with impulsivity is a really bad combination and may increase the risk of suicide.”

Science Advances, September 2020


Strict Rules About Tobacco Products Reduces Teens Likelihood to Use Them. A study that included over 23,000 teenagers revealed that adolescents are up to 26% less likely to use tobacco products when parents had set strict rules on the matter.

Pediatrics, October 2020

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

Leigh Hunt